Legoland Florida Resort is set to rev up excitement in Spring 2024 with its newest addition, the LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race Experience. This innovative attraction is designed to ignite the imaginations and adrenaline of both young and old enthusiasts, offering a unique interactive experience.

At the heart of this new attraction is the opportunity for guests to build, test, and race their own Ferrari creations. It’s more than just an amusement ride; it’s an immersive experience that combines the thrill of racing with the creativity and fun of LEGO® building. The LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race Experience promises to be a highlight for families and LEGO® fans, offering a hands-on approach to learning and enjoyment.

This new feature aligns perfectly with Legoland’s ethos of imaginative play and interactive learning. It not only adds to the already extensive list of rides and attractions at the resort but also brings a fresh and dynamic aspect to the park’s offerings. The LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race Experience is expected to be a major draw for the resort, further cementing Legoland Florida as a premier family destination.

Fans of LEGO® and Ferrari, as well as thrill-seekers and families, can look forward to this exciting new experience in 2024, as Legoland Florida continues to expand and enhance its appeal to a wide range of visitors.