Tucked away at the headwaters of the iconic Florida Everglades near Lake Cypress, Wild Florida presents an unmatched adventure experience, just 15 minutes south of St. Cloud and conveniently close to the world-famous theme parks. This sanctuary is not just an attraction; it’s a journey into the heart of the Everglades, emphasizing wildlife connection, education, and conservation.

Guests are invited to delve into Florida’s unparalleled natural beauty with Wild Florida’s signature Everglades airboat tours. These U.S. Coast Guard-certified voyages offer a rare glimpse into a vibrant ecosystem, bringing visitors face-to-face with the Everglades’ most captivating inhabitants, including alligators, turkeys, wild hogs, eagles, and more. Each tour is a unique venture into the wilderness, ensuring no two experiences are alike.

Beyond the thrill of airboat tours, Wild Florida hosts an expansive Gator Park, home to over 200 animals. Here, guests can marvel at exotic creatures like zebras, sloths, lemurs, and Watusi cattle, wander through a walk-in bird aviary filled with global species, and learn from knowledgeable animal keepers. For those dreaming of a hands-on wildlife experience, the park offers a “Keeper for a Day” program among its many interactive animal encounters.

Wild Florida also features a Drive-thru Safari, allowing guests to observe native and exotic animals up close from the comfort of their vehicles. This four-mile journey through diverse habitats promises sights typically reserved for documentaries. After the safari, visitors have the unique opportunity to interact directly with giraffes, adding a personal touch to their adventure.

At Wild Florida, every airboat tour, animal encounter, and walk through the Gator Park contributes to a profound appreciation of the natural world. This destination blends the thrill of exploration with the importance of conservation, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the real Florida.

Exclusive Deals at Wild Florida:

  • Florida Resident Deals:
    • 15% off one-hour airboat tours
    • $8 Gator Park admission for adults, $6 for children
    • $24 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for adults, $19 for children
  • Military, First Responder, and Teacher Deals:
    • 15% off all airboat tours and experiences
    • 50% off Gator Park admission (Four-person max, certain exclusions apply)
  • FHIA (Florida Hospitality Industry Associations) Deals:
    • Complimentary 30-minute airboat tour for members
    • 50% off Gator Park admission (Three-person max)
  • AAA, Travel Agents, Senior Deals:
    • 10% off Gator Park admission and one-hour airboat tours

Wild Florida provides an unforgettable escape into the heart of Florida’s natural landscape, offering thrilling experiences and educational opportunities that highlight the importance of wildlife conservation. Whether you’re a Florida resident or visiting from afar, Wild Florida’s exclusive deals ensure that your Everglades experience is both enjoyable and affordable. Visit Wildfl.com for more information.

SOURCE: Wild Florida, WildFl.com, Facebook.com/WildFlorida