Gatorland, recently opened its arms to welcome an extraordinary guest, an alligator from Sanford that made its way to Gatorland’s care, bearing a story unlike any other. A female alligator with the top half of its mouth being missing was spotted by a woman near a kayak loading area in Sanford. Worried about the injured gator, she contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hoping they could help locate and rescue the gator.

A local trapper was able to capture the gator and brought her to Gatorland. The trapper said he believes the alligator had likely had been severely injured a few years ago by a boat propeller and miraculously survived.

Gatorland’s veterinary team examined the alligator to assess its condition and to ensure the alligator’s well-being. Gatorland says it plans on keeping the gator and help it live a healthy and happy life and her new forever home.

This act of rescue and rehabilitation is part of Gatorland’s ongoing mission, driven by its Gatorland Global program. The program aims to safeguard and preserve alligators and crocodiles not only within the boundaries of Florida but also across the globe. By extending their expertise and resources to the Sanford alligator, Gatorland underscores its commitment to protecting these remarkable creatures for future generations.

“Alligators have it hard here in the State of Florida, with all of our boating and development,” Savannah Moan, Gatorland’s Park Director and Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator said after the gator park received the injured gator.

Gatorland says the extraordinary gator will now live under Gatorland’s care and is asking the public to help name the resilient gator.

Source: Gatorland Orlando’s Facebook