Well it’s not for everyone… but it’s National Beer Day, which recognizes the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Following water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall. Of course, number one and two you can drive after drinking.

Beer is one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, possibly datin back to 9500 BC when cereal was first farmed. It is also recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt.

If you’re a beer drinker, and whether you prefer dark or pale, hoppy, bitter, smooth, go ahead and raise your mug at some point today. Lift it high among friends around the world, thanking those who work brewing delicious beer in your local area. And besides, beer lovers have more selection than ever before. The craft beer industry continues to challenge the classics, providing a wide variety of choices. Thanks to these opportunities, new beer drinkers are joining the club every day.

So how do you celebrate National Beer Day? Well, that’s seems a bit obvious. Grab a beer and spend some time with friends. (Remember always to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.)

SeaWorld Orlando is in the midst of its Seven Seas Food Festival, which runs through May 8. There is delicious food throughout the park., and plenty of beer to wash it down! Seven Seas is Thursday thru Sunday… go check it out here

Celebrate with a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or pale ale, and hashtag #NationalBeerDay to post on social media.

Here’s some history for you… (beer for thought)

On April 7, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years.