Hurricane Dorian is continuing on a path toward the east coast of Florida, but as of the most recent update from the National Hurricane Center, Dorian is projected to slam into the coast with sustained winds of 130 mph as a Category 4 storm.

“The storm is still too far away to make expert decisions, but we want to assure our residence that we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” County Commission Chairperson Cheryl Grieb said at a Thursday morning press conference.

Osceola County Emergency Operations Director Bill Litton said the command center will go to Level 2 activation this afternoon, with full level 1 activation possibly by tomorrow but definitely by Saturday.

“This is a serious storm. The time to prepare is now, so use the next two days to get your supplies and be prepared.”

Information on shelter Staffing and allotment will be announced Friday. The special needs shelter at the Council on Aging will open tomorrow, and those who have already registered with the Council will be getting calls about transportation needs to the shelter.

Those who will need help and have not yet registered need to do so at the County’s Ctizen Information Helpline at 407-742-0000.

“We need to know what they need for their medical conditions,” he said.

LItton, who said the County’s executive policy group is considering evacuations that would go into effect Saturday, said Dorian will be “significant impacts” to Osceola County.

“The biggest concern is the category of the storm,” he said. “It brings the possibility of Category 2 winds to the county, and with slow movement comes heavy rain and flooding issues.”