Keep it green, Kissimmee. This isn’t a plea for conservation.

Visit a City of Kissimmee Fire Department station the rest of this month and you’ll find a holiday wreath displayed in green light bulbs. The object its, as the campaign is called, Keep the Wreath Green.

For every structure fire that units respond to, a green bulb on the wreath is exchanged for a red bulb, and for every fallen firefighter another green bulb will be replaced with a white bulb.

It’s an annual tangible way to educate residents about fire safety during the holiday season, which brings its own unique fire hazards.

To help eliminate red (or heaven forbid, white) bulbs on those station wreathes, here’s some safety tips for a safe and fire free holiday season:
  • Make sure real Christmas trees are fresh, clean and stay moist;
  • Use approved lights for the tree, and turn them off when nobody’s home;
  • Be very, very careful with candles — keep them away from trees or anything flammable, and blow them out when unattended.
Here’s to a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season from the City of Kissimmee, the Kissimmee Fire Department and Positively Osceola.