The Kissimmee Fire Department firefighters are proud of their community, who they are as a department, and what they do as a team to provide fast, safe and efficient service to the community in Kissimmee. With the continued rapid growth of the city and the county, the Kissimmee Fire Department is constantly keeping its firefighters and EMTs highly trained and knowledgeable of best practices. This week’s City of Kissimmee School of Government made it possible for all in attendance to witness the drive, dedication, and commitment of the Kissimmee firefighters while experiencing hands-on demonstrations with firefighters from Kissimmee’s Fire Station 11.

Positively Osceola learned that our Kissimmee Fire Department provides fire prevention and fire suppression services, emergency medical services, speciality rescue, and emergency management to the residents of Kissimmee.

The City of Kissimmee Fire Department responds to more than 12,000 alarms a year, the majority being requests for emergency medical services which includes advanced life support, medical illness, and traumatic injury.  They have an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating (property protection class) of “Class 1,” which ranks the Department in the top five percent of all fire services surveyed in the State of Florida.

The Kissimmee Fire Department is responsible for compliance of all fire safety codes, and is also responsible for all commercial fire inspections, code enforcement, code development, commercial plans review, permitting, fees and fines, fire investigation, water supply research and development, and serves as a liaison with other agencies in the community.

Every day is different and what I love about this job is that I am able to make an impact on people’s lives. We aim to be the best of the best, training every day whether it’s physical training or continued education training. We work with the best people, have the best tools and the best resources we can use to provide fast and efficient service to the City of Kissimmee.

Jim Walls

Fire Chief, Kissimmee Fire Department

Fire Station 11 is the biggest and most active Fire Station in Kissimmee with a total of 15 staff members. Fire Chief Jim Walls has been in his position for 3 years but with the Kissimmee Fire Department for 32 years. He currently oversees 99 firefighters that are divided into three shifts and work an average of 56 hours per week, (24-hours on duty, 48-hours off duty, shift schedules). Here’s an interesting fact, the numbers in Station 11’s address, 343, has a very special meaning behind it… the Fire Station was able to choose the facility’s address and so it was decided that they show their respect to the 343 firefighters who lost their lives during 911.

The City of Kissimmee School of Government Class broke into small groups allowing hands-on demonstrations, where they learned that the “ladder” truck is capable of handling 100ft ladders with the assistance of Fire Engineer David D’eramo. Students also had the chance to spray water from the water hose, witness the “Jaws of Life,” which is battery operated and weighs about 50-60 pounds. “Stan”, the Kissimmee Fire Department’s medical dummy, also made an appearance during the class!

The City of Kissimmee Fire Department provides Advance Life Support Ambulance Transport Service within the incorporated City Limits and operates four (4) Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport Units operating 24 hours a day. This allows each ambulance unit to maintain an average response time of fewer than four minutes within the coverage area. 

In addition to extinguishing fires and providing assistance to persons and property in times of natural or man-made emergencies, the department investigates the actual causes behind fires.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is provided to residents and visitors through an excellent Advanced Life Support (ALS) cooperative system with our local hospitals. With new technology, emergency medical scans can be sent via Bluetooth to hospitals and doctors providing them “advance triage time” before the rescue unit arrives. The Fire and Life Safety Education programs reach out to more than 10,000 men, women and children each year, educating them about injury and illness prevention. 

Positively Osceola would like to thank the Kissimmee Fire Department for allowing us a glimpse into the life of Kissimmee Firefighters, and for making a positive difference in Kissimmee. We truly appreciate all you do!