The City of St. Cloud celebrated Earth/Arbor Day; Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 9 am to 2 pm with the community at the 58-acre passive park known as Peghorn Nature Park. Nature lovers of all ages were able to enjoy music, food, face painting, and lots of family fun.

Volunteers handed out Red Oak Tree seedlings to guests in celebration of Arbor Day, encouraging them to plant a tree. Native plants were available for purchase as well. Animal ambassadors from Wild Florida and Archbold Biological Station featured some of Florida’s native reptiles.  

In celebration of Earth Day, we promote positive environmental activities with families, friends, and neighbors to encourage one another to take care of our surroundings because it takes care of us. For Arbor Day we plant trees at different locations and educate others on the importance of taking care of  our trees so we can have trees today, air tomorrow.

Gabriel Almonte

Parks and Recreation Natural Resource Supervisor , City of St. Cloud

The Girl Scout Troop 230 planted some butterfly-loving plants that are native to Florida and a beautiful butterfly release took place at noon.  Environmental exhibits provided residents and visitors resources to make “positive” environmentaly safe decisions.  Fun recycling crafts allowed children to create their own “Bug Hotel” which attracts native Florida insects like Ladybugs, providing a safe home using recycled and natural materials.


Peghorn Nature Park is a nature lovers paradise with natural and beautiful Florida landscape. The day was prefect and the event was a success. Thank you City of St. Cloud and the Peghorn Nature Park for bringing the community together and for setting a positive example on the importance of taking care of our home, Earth!