The fire today in Kissimmee at the Valencian Apartments, formerly Dorado Apartments, has left more than a dozen individuals without a place to stay.

Heavy smoke was reported coming from the roof of the two-story Valencian apartment building at 1459 Dorado Drive.

The fire caused Donegan Avenue to be closed between John Young Parkway and Thacker Avenue just before noon Wednesday so that Kissimmee Fire Department could extinguish the fire.

High winds aided in the fire moving quickly throughout the particular apartment building causing all eight units to be destroyed. There were no reported injuries in the fire.

This is the second time Kissimmee firefighters have reported to the Valencian Apartment complex. In October 2017, the roof of a nearby building also caught fire.

The Red Cross responded to the fire as well, and the fire is being investigated. Orange County’s Hazmat team was called in when a chemical odor was detected from the area of the fire.