A man suspected in a murder in Las Vegas didn’t have any luck in Kissimmee, either.

Kissimmee Police have arrested 58-year-old Fernando Rodriguez Corbin, who was wanted in Las Vegas for stabbing his girlfriend and male roommate over five years ago.

Acting on a tip from the North Las Vegas Police Department, who contacted KPD on Monday that Corbin may be in the Osceola area, officers here spotted a man matching Corbin’s description at the Home Depot on West Vine Street Thursday.
When questioned, Corbin initially only provided a partial name and reversed numbers of his social security number. KPD contacted NLVPD, who identified Corbin by his tattoos. He was arrested and is being held at the Osceola County Jail.

According to KPD, Corbin’s been on the run from Vegas cops for over five years. He’s been wanted on two counts of attempted murder since April 2015.

“Great job to our officers who arrested an attempted murder suspect from Las Vegas. All they had to go by was an old photo of him … It’s amazing what we can do when we work together!” Kissimmee police tweeted out Friday morning.

Kudos to Kissimmee Police Department, working hard every day to make a positive difference in Osceola County!