The City of Kissimmee along with Jay Wheeler, President of Underground Refuse Systems, presented an innovative way to overcome the challenge that so many cities and counties throughout the United States have to confront.

Kissimmee is the first government agency to partner with Underground Refuse Systems, a local business that is part of the UCF Business Incubator located in downtown Kissimmee. Underground Refuse Systems is the first of its kind in the United States that utilizes underground trash containers that eliminate unwanted dumpster use, unsettling odors, and unsightly above ground storage of waste and unnecessary use of space.

There was great interest in this innovative method of waste storage and management. Leaders throughout Osceola County were in attendance during the presentation, perhaps considering how this very expensive waste management solution might fit into their particular needs, but as Jay Wheeler said countless times, it’s not a solutions for those with slim budgets. The truck that Kissimmee purchased came at a price of  $275,000.00 and took some modifying to function properly in the United States.

The question that seems to come up the most often is how will the underground waste storage function once the summer rains arrive. That certainly will be answered within the next few weeks as we are likely to see an end to one of the driest Spring seasons in years.