Don’t be alarmed if you see green doughnuts in a fresh box of Kripsy Kremes this weekend — they’re just celebrating ‘The luck of the Irish” and passing along St. Patrick’s Day cheer.

The doughnut chain, which has Osceola County locations on U.S. Highway 192 near Sherwood Forest at Polynesian Isle Boulevard and near State Road 429 on the west side, is rolling out St. Patrick’s Day-inspired doughnuts as some existing flavors are getting topped with green frosting and seasonal designs.

Last year, the shop dyed its signature glazed doughnuts green for the holiday. This year they’ve added a doughnut that looks just like a pot of gold, called the “Leprechaun Trap” doughnut. But since Krispy Kreme could only “capture a few each day,” the Leprechaun Trap is “deliciously rare.”

The seasonal doughnuts will be available from Saturday through Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day.