Reading and writing skills are critical for success in school, and not having them can hold a student back.

Higher levels of reading and writing ability show direct correlations to high critical, creative, and analytical thinking, higher self-esteem, better concentration and memory, and a strong vocabulary.

During the next Huntington Learning Center FREE Webinar on Thursday, February 25 at 1 pm, their education expert will talk about the importance of reading and writing as students mature and move toward college and offer tips and suggestions for parents on how to improve students’ reading and writing ability.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why reading and writing skills are vital for overall school success
  • Tips for improving your younger student’s reading ability
  • Tips for improving your younger student’s writing ability
  • What to do if your older student (late elementary onward) still struggles with reading/writing skills
  • How Huntington can help this school year
    Questions that might come up during the FREE webinar