At Wednesday’s press conference at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Marcos Lopez said that the suspect in Tuesday’s triple homicide at a BVL apartment complex had given a full confession.

The sheriff said 41-year-old Kevin Christopher Torres was charged with three counts of murder, child abuse, kidnapping, grand theft auto, armed burglary, and abuse of a dead body.

Officials with the Sheriff’s Office explained that it started at an apartment located at Flower Lane with Torres shooting 43-year-old Justin Atkinson, who he knew. From there Torres went to Atkinson’s friend’s apartment on Gardner Lane where he found 25-year-old Anthony Mull, who Torres shot thinking he would be mad over the killing of his friend, Justin Atkinson.

Atkinson’s 16-year-old son Calvin was inside Mull’s apartment at the time so when he heard a gunshot he came into the room and was shot and killed by Torres, the sheriff said.

Torres then forced a 16-year-old girl and an 11-year-old girl who were there and witnessed the killing, according to the sheriff, to grab any items of value from the apartment, or he would kill them.

According to officials, Torres then took what the girls had gathered and fled the apartment, going to his grandmother’s friend’s home where he stole a purse that had car keys inside. He drove the car into Orange County and then hid in an SUV at a gas station, which is where Torres was located, and engaged law enforcement for a number of hours.

At some point, Torres ingested what was described as drugs by authorities, which is why Torres was transported to a local hospital, before being taken to jail.

He has since been booked in the Osceola County jail, with no bond, and is facing over 2o charges.