An oak tree will be planted at the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola at TECO on Wednesday, November 1st at 9 am. The oak tree will serve as a permanent memorial to honor Kissimmee Police Department Officers Sgt. Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter, who were killed in the line of duty.

TECO is inviting any Kissimmee Police Department personnel who would like to attend or assist with planting to be present by 9 am.

In the spring of 2018, on a date yet to be determined, the Academy will host an official dedication ceremony. Family members, agency personnel, district staff, trainers, alumni, and current students will be invited to attend the event.

Announcements will be distributed once all plans have been finalized and approved.

The oak tree was donated by Chuck Edwards of CE Outdoor Services, St. Cloud, and St. Cloud Police Department donated the engraved tree plaque stake to the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola.