At the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa Florida on Friday, Kissimmee Mayor Jose Alverez signed documents that made the Kissimmee Utility Authorities participation in the new Florida Municipal Solar Project official. The project is a collaborative one between KUA as well as 11 other municipalities spanning as far north as Jacksonville all the way down to the Florida Keys. 

This large-scale project will require some 900,000 solar panels on 1,200 acres, the approximate size of 900 NFL football fields. Two sites will reside in Osceola County and one in Orange County. It will be one of the largest municipal-backed solar projects in the United States.

Osceola County is getting bigger and bigger and the demand for electricity continues to grow. We knew we needed additional generation. Obviously having a solar option, which previously was not affordable, to bring our customers will help us stabilize our rates and offer low cost energy..” says Kissimmee Utility Authority Vice President of Corporate Communications, Chris Gent.

Permitting is already under way and all parties involved believe they can have the solar farm fully operational by June of 2020. The Solar Project will generate enough energy to power 45,000 homes throughout Florida.

“By working together, Florida municipal electric utilities can collectively build larger, more efficient solar installations that will lower the cost of solar energy so we can provide affordable, emissions-free electricity to our customers,” said KUA president and general manager Jim Welsh. “We are pleased to be a part of this project and are looking forward to the next project milestone.”

Positively Osceola will continue to provide updates about the Florida Municipalities Solar Project as they become available.