If you’re a true Harry Potter fan you’ve always wanted to try a chocolate frog. Chocolate Frogs are easily a favorite sweet for guests of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – and for good reason. In addition to them being a delicious treat, each box also includes a special Chocolate Frog wizard card celebrating a famous witch or wizard, and here’s the great news – a new card is being released!

Coming this summer, Jocunda Sykes will be getting her very own Chocolate Frog wizard card. Sykes happens to be the first witch to ever fly over the Atlantic by broom. Her card will be released on July 2.

For a limited time, each Chocolate Frog box will have a gold sticker that contains the new Jocunda Sykes wizard card. Soon after, the boxes with the new cards will be mixed in with the boxes featuring other celebrated witches and wizards.

Earlier this year, Bertie Bott joined the card collection – you may remember him from his infamous wizarding candy, Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavor Beans.

You can find Chocolate Frogs within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Sugarplum’s Sweetshop in Diagon Alley
and Honeydukes in Hogsmeade.

If you’re unable to make it to Universal Orlando Resort, but still want to get your hands on the latest collectibles, make your way over to Universal Orlando’s online merchandise store. You’ll be able to find them there.