Beginning today, Friday July 24, if you ‘re seen not wearing a face covering when in public places in Osceola County, you might be cited with a penalty by code enforcement or someone from a local law enforcement agency.

On Monday, July 20th, the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners approved penalties for those who do not comply with the facial covering mandate that was originally issued on April 13 and is still in place.  Not sure what the potential penalties are all about?

Here are some FAQS about Osceola County’s Face Covering Requirement:
(Violation is a noncriminal infraction)

1. What does the emergency ordinance state?
Every person working, living, visiting, or doing business in Osceola County is required to wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines while in any public place or face a penalty.

2. When does it go into effect?
Beginning on Friday, July 24, 2020.

3. Who will enforce it?
Enforceable by local law enforcement and Osceola County code enforcement, a violation of this Emergency Ordinance is a noncriminal infraction. Prior to the issuance of a citation, the individual will be asked to comply with the Emergency Ordinance or be able to state which exception applies to them.

4. What are the penalties?

  • A citation may be issued for such a violation
  • A warning for the first offense followed by,
  • $25 citation for second and third offenses
  • $50 citation for each violation thereafter

5. What are the exceptions?
The following exemptions are cited:

  • Persons under the age of two years
  • Persons for whom a face covering would cause impairment due to an existing health condition
  • Persons working in a professional who do not have any face-to- face interactions with the public
  • Persons working in a profession where use of a face covering will not be compatible with the duties of the profession
  • Persons exercising, while observing social distancing in accordance with the CDC guidelines

6. How do I report a violation?

  • Residents can call the law enforcement or code enforcement agency in their jurisdiction via non-emergency lines.
  • Osceola County Sheriffs Office: 407-348-2222
  • Kissimmee Police Department: 407-846-3333
  • St. Cloud Police Department: 407-891-6700
  • Osceola County Code Enforcement: 407-742-0200.
  • Report other suspected COVID-19 violations to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at or call (850) 487-1395.

Osceola County’s order will apply until further notice. Osceola County has had a mandatory face covering order in place since April 13. The Executive Policy Group enacted an emergency order requiring all people working, living, visiting or doing business in Osceola County to wear face coverings (not face masks) while in public places from April 13 until further notice.​

A face covering, according to the CDC’s guidance, can help stop the spread of the disease, especially if someone is asymptomatic, however – this is a statement that is not accepted as fact by everyone.

As suggested from Osceola County, face coverings should be a uniform piece of material that securely covers a person’s nose and mouth and remains affixed in place without the use of one’s hands. Examples include bandanas, t-shirts, scarves, or any other piece of cloth.

Disney World recently updated its face covering policy for Disney employees and its park guests:

All face coverings (whether disposable or reusable) must:

  • Be made with at least two layers of breathable material
  • Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops and allow the Guest to remain hands-free

Based on guidance from health authorities, neck gaiters and open-chin triangle bandanas are not acceptable face coverings.