The Osceola County School District, along with Positively Osceola and Charlie Draper of Draper Family Law, came together to present Adriana Gomes, LPN from Chestnut Elementary School, the Featured Professional Support Staff of the Month Award for October, 2018! Congratulations to Adriana and the entire Chestnut Elementary School team for making a “Positive Difference in Osceola County!

According to Chestnut Elementary School’s Principal Gary Bressler, “Adriana outshines any Marvel or DC Comics’ character with her innate ability to plant a smile on any child or adult’s face that is not feeling well. However, Adriana is not just about taking care of students’ medical or stuffy nose issues, she is about the whole child and family.  Adriana builds relationships with all of the families at Chestnut Elementary and that is what truly sets her apart.”

Mr. Bressler went on to say, “I have been an administrator for 13 years, and I have never seen the attention to detail that Adriana places for every student, parent, and staff member that connects with her.  In addition to caring for the students and families at Chestnut Elementary, Adriana is at every corner of the campus to assist with students who may be having a challenging day.  Ms. Gomes builds an immediate bond with these students and like a comic book superhero, uses her gifted powers to turn the child’s frown upside down.  Words cannot express the devotion that Ms. Gomes has for her role as school LPN and all other capes she puts on throughout the day.  Ms. Gomes is the epitome of the educational cliché, “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Osceola County School District is “positively” fortunate to have someone of Ms. Gomes’ caliber caring for the students of Osceola County.

At Positively Osceola we look forward each month to celebrating, honoring and surprising the Featured Professional Support Staff of the month, because day in and day out they are truly making a “Positive Difference in Osceola County.” Congratulations to Adriana Gomes. It’s obvious to us why she was selected as October’s Featured Professional Support Staff!