Working in conjunction with the National Weather Service and state and county emergency management agencies, emergency managers at Florida’s busiest airport are keeping a close watch on the track and progress of Tropical Storm Elsa.

Based upon current forecasts, Elsa is not anticipated to significantly impact airport operations and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will maintain its current level of activation. Staff continues to consult with all airport stakeholders and monitor operational areas of the airport to ensure ramps and curbside equipment is safe and secure as winds increase during the day.

The forecast predicts localized flooding from potentially heavy rain with wind gusts of 40-60 miles per hour possible. The strongest squall periods are expected around 6 p.m. today through 2 a.m. tomorrow. Severe thunderstorm warnings are also possible and will be issued for individual rain bands.

Elsa’s close proximity to Central Florida has caused a number of airlines to cancel some flights for the day. As of noon, a total of 25 flights have been canceled at Orlando International Airport (MCO), 14 arrivals and 11 departures, affecting approximately 3000 passengers. Travelers are advised to contact their airlines for updates on individual flights.