Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Chief Executive Officer Phil Brown announced at the April Board meeting that he plans to retire when his contract expires in September.

Brown announced the decision to ultimately retire and a willingness to negotiate with the Board to extend his current contract to help ensure a smooth transition to a new CEO. Brown recommended that the board begin the process to hire his replacement by securing the services of a firm to assist in a nationwide search.

“I informed the Aviation Authority Board today that my contract expires at the end of September,” says Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “There are some unresolved matters and I am willing to remain in place after September to facilitate an orderly transition.”

Brown was originally re-hired by the Authority as Deputy Executive Director of Administration in 2008 and in 2010 was appointed as Executive Director. In 2017 the Board changed his title from Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer.

During his tenure as CEO, Brown has lead the organization through record-breaking growth, the largest capital improvement program in airport history and has presided over two economic downturns, including the Great Recession and the COVID-19 global pandemic.