On Thursday, Representative Kristen Arrington (D- Kissimmee) presented the proposed committee substitute for HB 1227, an Act to necessitate school boards to require guidance counselors to advise public high school students of all educational opportunities available to them to gain skills that are in demand in the labor market and how to prepare to obtain postsecondary degrees in technical fields.

This was the final committee stop for this bipartisan legislation. The bill received unanimous approval from the Education & Employment Committee, as well as previously in the Secondary Education & Career Development Subcommittee.
“Our state was hit hard by the pandemic. Many of our workers in the hospitality and tourism industry are still out of work or are not working enough,” said Representative Arrington. “This legislation will help strengthen our kids for a better future by letting them know of all the opportunities available to plan and prepare them for a more diversified economy and workforce. Thank you to Chairman Latvala, Vice-Chair McClain, Ranking Member Williams, and all of the members of the committee for their support.”

Having passed favorably, the bill has been added to the House Second Reading Calendar.