Anyone traveling to or from Orlando International Airport during the 12-day Thanksgiving holiday travel period can expect traffic volumes that rival pre-pandemic levels in the terminal.

More passenger volume also means more roadway traffic around the airport and more cars in the parking garages. Drivers are encouraged to use the free cellphone lots when picking up passengers at MCO. For safety and security, stopping and parking along roadsides is strongly discouraged. 

Orlando Airport Traffic

Passenger estimates place the total number of travelers at approximately 1.63 million during the season. That represents only 2.5 percent less traffic than the record crowds of 2019. In fact, out of the 12 travel days, 4 are expected to exceed 2019 numbers. A total of 21,149 passengers is all that separates 2019 from 2021.

“With our passenger traffic nearly back to pre-COVID levels, our garages are filling quickly so please practice patience while you travel and allow yourself more time for parking, check-in and security,” says Tom Draper, Chief of Operations at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

The Thanksgiving travel season starts this Friday, November 19, and runs through Tuesday, November 30.