Osceola County Commissioner Cheryl Grieb made great use of her the pork she had purchased during the KVLS Livestock show at the Osceola County Fair by donating the much needed meat to Help Now of Osceola, Inc on Tuesday.

The Commissioner had purchased the meat from Chase Richards of the Silver Saddles 4-H club at the Fair, which supported the young man’s work of raising the hog, which weighed in at more than 270 pounds.

4-H members save the proceeds of the sale for college or for purchase of their first vehicle. Along they way, they learn care and sale of the animals — as well as marketing, business principles, and the responsibilities that come along with the journey.

“In contributing to KVLS, I have been able to support more than one individual or organization. Chase Richards, The young man who raised the hog through 4H is able to have funds to help further his education. The pork itself will help feed the women and children in the shelter of Help Now. I was fortunate to also contribute to the Transition House, another great nonprofit organization in Osceola County,” Osceola County Commissioner for District 4 said.

Buying a pig or a steer at the 4-H auction is a way for a local businesses and individuals support the program.

“I want to give a HUGE shout out of appreciation to Osceola County Commissioner Cheryl Grieb for providing the Help Now of Osceola shelter with a generous donation of meat locally grown and processed through the Osceola County Fair. Commissioner Grieb proudly supports the work we do for survivors of domestic violence here at Help Now and is a champion for so many. We’re truly grateful for her dedication and support! Many meals are sure to be enjoyed,” Executive director at Help Now of Osceola, Inc. shared.