Osceola County leaders have voted to continue to support some of the community’s most-chronically homeless residents.

Commissioners Monday approved extending $226,000 in assistance to a regional Impact Fund to assist 39 Osceola County clients who were housed or being case managed while approved and awaiting housing. No additional clients are to be added to the original group of clients without consent from the County.

This continues a three-year run of Permanent Supportive Housing funding from the Impact Fund.

According to County documents, the Central Florida Foundation, Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and the Homeless Services Network (HSN) approached the County in the fall of 2018 requesting funds to provide ongoing services to Osceola clients.

With this agreement, HSN will administer the Osceola County funds and will receive and pay associated invoices on the County’s behalf for the delivery of the wrap-around services. These services will include intensive case management, peer counseling, housing assistance and housing location services, and outreach, and will be provided by organizations that include Health Care Center for the Homeless, Pathway Homes of Florida, Inc., and Homeless Services Network. Osceola County will receive monthly invoicing from HSN for the provision of the wrap-around services to our County’s clients by the agencies listed above.

The county will also receive quarterly reporting with summaries of services provided.

From 2015-2018, those chronically homeless clients were placed in Permanent Supportive Housing with funding from the Impact Fund donation of $6 million made to the Central Florida Foundation in 2015 for the purpose of housing chronically homeless clients