Osceola County has added 18 reported cases of COVID-19 since Wednesday night’s update; the Florida Department of Health now counts 295 here.

The tally goes up as completed tests come back with results. Over 2,000 coronavirus tests have been completed in the county, and just over 1 in 7 are coming back positive.

The county still has not recorded a COVID-related death in a week. Hospitalizations, cases in which an inpatient hospitalization occurred at any time during the course of illness, is at 76, but that may not reflect the total positive persons currently hospitalized.

As of today, 66 of 67 Florida counties have at least one recorded case; Liberty County in the Panhandle just south and west of Tallahassee is the holdout. The state now has 16,364 reported cases, which is eighth in the country — keep in mind Florida is third in population. Its 354 deaths rank 11th.

We can make it until the end of the month, one day at a time, as we flatten this curve and keep working to get our community back to normal, or closer to it. Keep washing your hands and practicing social distancing, but take time to go for a walk, jog or bike ride by yourself and enjoy the agreeable weather we have right now. #YouGotThis, Osceola County!