For those of you who may have lost your job and have grown frustrated with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s website, which has made it very difficult for people to file for unemployment, there may be some positive news. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity announced a new mobile-friendly site to apply for unemployment insurance.

“The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is committed to ensuring Floridians are able to receive the benefits owed to them during this global pandemic,” said Ken Lawson, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. “The team is working around the clock to make the process for applying for Reemployment Assistance as easy as possible for Floridians.”

The DEO’s new mobile-friendly website should make it much easier to apply for reemployment assistance. You can also download a paper form for unemployment by clicking here.

The announcement comes after thousands of Floridians have found it very challenging to file for unemployment. Many Floridians who lost their jobs and their income were forces to turn to paper applications when they couldn’t get through to the state’s website. Hopefully the new mobile-friendly site will make the process easier.