Osceola County is gearing up to celebrate its rich heritage and the indomitable pioneering spirit of its first residents during the much-anticipated 3rd Annual Pioneer Day  at Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek in Kissimmee on Saturday, November 4 from 10am-4pm. The free event will honor the legacy of Florida Seminoles and early pioneer families and is a testament to the county’s commitment to preserving its cultural roots.

Pioneer Day will feature captivating live music performances that evoke the essence of the era, along with an interactive kids’ craft zone that will foster creativity and imagination. Every aspect of the festival is designed to cater to families and history enthusiasts alike.

As visitors explore the Pioneer Village, they will gain invaluable insights into the resourceful lifestyles of Florida Seminoles and early pioneers, providing a glimpse into a bygone era characterized by simplicity and resilience.

The event’s real Florida Market will serve as a platform for showcasing the talents of local artisans and craftsmen, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase unique art, crafts, and delectable food products that authentically represent the cultural essence of Florida. The aroma of delicious homemade baked goods will add to the festivities, enticing attendees with a taste of traditional culinary delights.

Embrace the spirit of the past and join Osceola History in commemorating the resilience and ingenuity of our Osceola County’s pioneers and Seminole inhabitants.

To ensure the comfort and safety of all guests, as well as to preserve the historical significance of the structures within the village, attendees are kindly asked to refrain from bringing pets (with the exception of registered service animals), smoking or vaping on the premises.