Katrina Scarborough, Osceola County Property Appraiser, has provided the 2023 estimates of taxable values to the taxing authorities for the purpose of developing next fiscal year’s budgets. Property values in Osceola have increased nearly 20% over 2022, with over $2 billion in new construction.

“Osceola County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Residential and Commercial market values throughout Osceola County are very strong and show gains near 20% over 2022. The county saw over $2 billion in new construction,” Property Appraiser Katrina Scarborough said.

Tax Estimates OsceolaEstimates of taxable property in unincorporated Osceola County are up 14.98% (over $45.58 billion), Kissimmee rose 14.8% (over $5.59 billion), St. Cloud saw an increase of 19.79% (over $4.45 billion), while the Osceola County School District had and increase of 18.38% (over $52.17 billion).

Listed below are the actual 2023 Estimate of Taxable Values for Taxing Authorities in Osceola County:
Osceola County $45,586,802,805 14.98% $2,214,552,465
Kissimmee $5,596,444,804 14.80% $109,711,136
Saint Cloud $4,450,082,307 19.79% $354,548,709
School Board – Local $52,172,427,220 18.38% $2,251,075,070

Contact the Osceola County Property Appraiser’s office for more information by phone at 407-742-5000 or by email at info@property-appraiser.org.