The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office released a 30-page report on Monday that the agency says supports the claim they made last week against Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell saying her office was failing to prosecute illegal drug traffickers aggressively enough.

Osceola County Sheriff Marcos López held a news conference last week where he accused Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell’s office of not prosecuting drug trafficking cases as they should in the fight against illegal drug trafficking, specifically Fentanyl, and sending the wrong message. The news conference was held the same day the state attorney general announced her re-election campaign.

“The Legislature wants traffickers in prison. Law enforcement wants traffickers in prison. And I know our community wants these traffickers in prison,” Sheriff Lopez said during last week’s press conference. “We’re seeing a pattern from the state and it needs to be resolved one way or another,” the sheriff said.

After the Sheriff’s Thursday press conference, State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Monique H. Worrell responded with the following statement.

“Today’s press conference with Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez was filled with inaccuracies and misinformation and serves no other reason than to perpetuate a false, collaborative narrative being presented by Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Rick Scott and others that my office doesn’t prosecute cases. As I have said on numerous occasions, nothing could be further from the truth.”

On Monday, Sheriff Lopez’ Office also shared drug trafficking arrests made by the other law enforcement partners in the county, the St. Cloud and Kissimmee Police Departments.

Kissimmee Police Department Trafficking Arrests for 2022 – 7 Arrests, 5 cases have been closed by the State.

Closed cases:

2022-CF-002935 – Michael Jamieson – case dropped

2022-CF-001331 – Jose Alvarez Santiago – Trafficking charge not filed.

2022-CF-001007 – Fermin Quintero Broco – Trafficking charge not filed.

2022-CF-002346 – Eddie Rosa Colon – Trafficking in Fentanyl dropped.

2022-CF-000820 – Omar Rodriquez Caballero – Trafficking in Oxycodone dropped.

Open cases: These suspects were also charged in a homicide on a different case – the homicide is pending along with these trafficking cases:

2022-CF-003695 – Belky Chavarria
2022-CF-003696 – Carlos Lopez Bayona

St. Cloud Police Department Trafficking Cases for 2022 – 1 Arrest

Closed case:

2022-CF-001921 – Earle McCrae – case dropped

During last week’s news conference Sheriff Lopez shared, “We need to get this crap off the streets. It’s dangerous and it’s killing people. The key to protecting people is holding traffickers responsible,” the Sheriff said during the news conference.

The State Attorney will be holding a news conference at 3pm today to discuss the issue.