SeaWorld Orlando is about to get even cooler with the grand opening of its highly anticipated new ride, Penguin Trek. Slated to open on July 7, this unique family launch coaster promises a one-of-a-kind adventure through the icy expanse of Antarctica.

Penguin Trek invites thrill-seekers to board snowmobiles and join an expedition team racing through a breathtaking Antarctic landscape. With speeds reaching up to 43 miles per hour, riders will experience a series of twists, turns, and close calls as they navigate the dangers of a crumbling ice cavern. The journey culminates in an extraordinary encounter with a real penguin habitat, making for a truly immersive and educational experience.

Set to become the most immersive addition to Orlando’s coaster collection, Penguin Trek offers an exhilarating ride that both kids and adults can enjoy together. The ride has a minimal height requirement of just 42 inches, making it accessible for most families. This innovative indoor/outdoor coaster blends thrilling elements with stunning visual storytelling, bringing the beauty and mystery of Antarctica to life right in the heart of Florida.

SeaWorld’s Penguin Trek is not just another ride; it’s an adventure that combines the excitement of a coaster with the wonder of an Arctic expedition. As the Coaster Capital of Orlando continues to push boundaries, this new attraction is expected to draw coaster enthusiasts and families alike, adding yet another reason to visit SeaWorld Orlando this summer.

For more details on the opening and ticket information, visit SeaWorld Orlando’s official website.