I’m Nathan Blackwell, Mayor of the City of St. Cloud, and this is the Mayor’s Minute.

The City has created a tool to help our residents better understand how city government works. The Citizens Guide provides useful information on the various kinds of meetings held by City Council, gives definitions of terms you might hear at Council meetings or see on an agenda. You’ll find tips for public speakers, types of Council actions, and lots of other useful information.

The Citizens Guide is available at City Hall or on our Web site. Just scan the QR code on your screen to view it online. The Citizens Guide is available in English and in Spanish.

Our 2nd Quarter community newsletter is also available now. In it, you can read more about our decision to merge the operations of the city’s water utilities with Toho Water Authority. You’ll also find a profile story on our new Police Chief Doug Goerke, and lots of other great information. Pick up a copy at City Hall, view it online, or find a copy in your favorite Osceola County news publication. The newsletter is available in both English and Spanish.