The precautionary boil water advisory, issued on Tuesday, February 25, to customers located in Central Osceola County including just south of the Buenaventura Lakes (BVL) community to Partin Settlement Road, west to parts of Mill Slough Road and east to East Lakeshore Boulevard including the Remington Golf and Country Club community remains in effect.

Issuance of this precautionary advisory was the result of a large water main break on a 12 inch line that connects to a 24 inch line. The size of the pipe and the size of the break, combined with location resulted in a pressure drop across a widespread area of our system.

Precautionary advisories are issued when such depressurizations occur. Once a boil water advisory is issued, it cannot be lifted until two consecutive days of bacteriological samples have been collected and analyzed for satisfactory results confirming the absence of bacteria in the water supply. Samples continue to be collected and then incubated (18-24 hours) for analysis.

We are using the Osceola County Emergency Alert system to send major urgent announcements which allows us to send robocalls to landlines and robocalls to Alert Osceola registered cell phones/landlines; and text/emails to Alert Osceola registered users. We encourage customers to sign up at

In addition to Alert Osceola, during urgent events, we keep the website and our social media channels updated.
The next update will be issued on Monday, March 2, 2020.