It’s no secret, Inflation is at its highest level in years and can be seen in the prices of gas, food, and just about everything else consumers look for in the U.S.economy. Get ready, orange juice is now on the list of items affected by inflation.

Forbes has reported that orange juice also “is one of the few demand-side beneficiaries of virus outbreak periods.” With COVID-19, the flu, or even “just” the common cold, people have been encouraged to stay hydrated and drink vitamin C to stay healthy, and orange juice is a popular natural choice for people to make that happen. But, as Forbes explains, the demand for a “glass of sunshine” is expected to increase even more than usual during cold and flu season, and so we can expect the price tag to be higher as well.

The increase in demand for Orange Juice combined with an already poor harvest is bad news for orange juice production. Citrus disease and poor weather conditions have negatively impacted orange crops for the past few years. Florida is expected to produce 45 million boxes of oranges. That will be the smallest harvest Florida has produced in nearly 60 years.

So unless you’re willing to shift to grapefruit juice, you’ll have to be prepared to pay 10% more for that delicious Florida Orange Juice.