Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to make a direct hit on Puerto Rico in almost 100 hundred years, shredded the island on Wednesday, knocking out all electricity and filling the local towns with flash floods and mudslides.

Many families in Central Florida are now waiting to hear from their friends and families. With the power out throughout the entire island, it’s certain to be a long time before communication is possible. waiting game.

Pastor Ian Perry is a pastor at Mission Love Church in St. Cloud who is using his radio skills to connect in te United States with families in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Pastor Perry is relaying messages be asking those he connects with on the island to search for peoples’ loved ones by name and address.

He has posted the information on Facebook, explaining to concerned relatives that he will help them contact Puerto Rico via radio. Perry said he’s already gotten calls from Orlando, Palm Bay and as far as Georgia, getting in contact with several families.

Anyone who wants to contact or help the church can call 407-285-0662.