Today’s Osceola County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony at the Kissimmee Civic Center, starting at 9:30 AM, is an event dedicated to honoring the valiant officers who have fallen in the line of duty. This ceremony serves as a moment of reflection and appreciation for the sacrifices made by these heroes, reaffirming the community’s commitment to remember and honor their service.

During the memorial ceremony, officers from St. Cloud Police Department, Kissimmee Police Department, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, and Osceola County Department of Corrections, both line of duty deaths and non-line of duty deaths, will be honored, highlighting the unity among different law enforcement agencies as they stood together to remember their fallen comrades.

The annual Osceola County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony holds deep significance for the community and law enforcement agencies alike, as it brings together officers from various departments and provides a platform for the families of fallen officers to receive support from a compassionate Osceola County community.