The world’s first surf coaster, Pipeline, will officially open to park guests today, Saturday May 27, and make it possible for riders to feel the awesome power of the ocean in a whole new way!

Pipeline, the first-of-its-kind surf coaster, brings the rush of launching 110 feet up at 60 mph and feeling every bank and curve as though you’re really riding the waves, thanks to innovative dynamic seats that gives you unparalleled freedom of movement. Experience the ultimate thrill with the addition of this seventh coaster to the Coaster Capital of Orlando.

Positively Osceola’s own Keith and Elijah Ronan rode Pipeline in April and had this to say about the first-of-its-kind surf coaster. “I wasn’t expecting the initial launch to be that big, and that powerful,” Elijah said. “I’m a big fan of both Mako and Manta, and those coasters have a hugely different start to them. Pipeline felt like I was thrown into the surf and I was riding a huge wave – right at launch”

“For me, I’m all about the whole experience. I want the name to reflect the actual ride, and with Pipeline, SeaWorld Orlando nailed it! The “Mako” experience really gives me the feel that I’m sleekly cutting through the water, like a shark would. Pipeline gave me the whole feel of “riding a really intense wave. That was how I felt from start to finish. I loved it,” Keith Ronan said after riding Pipeline on Media day in April.

This adrenalinepumping coaster is designed to thrill and impress even the most daring of riders. Hard to miss, you can find the attraction at the front of the park, located between Flamecraft Bar and Bayside Stadium, and prepare to ride the wave of your life with “Pipeline: The Surf Coaster”!

There are no seats on Pipeline, but riders must be at least 54 inches tall. The maximum height is 78 inches.

There are signs near Pipeline saying that the coaster “May not accommodate guests with larger abdominal and chest sizes.” There is a “test seat” near the entrance of the queue for park guests to ensure they are a physical fit.

Pipeline’s top speed is 60 mph, which is speedier than Manta at 52 mph max, but not as fast as Kraken, which reaches speeds up to 65 mph, or Mako that peaks at 73 mph.