If you’re not the type to head out to a party on New Year’s Eve — maybe you want to stay home with your pets, especially if they’re a bit skittish when they hear the neighbor set off fireworks. SNiP-it Clinic  in Kissimmee has an idea to ring in 2020! A New Year’s gift!

Give the gift of delightfully cute pets — and a fully functional calendar (Since next year is a leap year, don’t get confused in February!) — with the 2020 Furry Friends Calendar. It’s 12 months of cute cats and canines, and it’s available for a small donation.

For $10 you can pick up a calendar, with the proceeds going to help the clinic, which provides low-cost spay and neuter operations, at 3096 Michigan Avenue in Kissimmee (behind the CITGO at Michigan and Osceola Parkway), or you can go online here and order calendars for friends and family for $14 each to get them mailed out.

SNiP-It is also proud to announce that Osceola Animal Services has received a $15,000 from the Florida Animal Friends and is working with them to spay or neuter 300 feral cats.

The clinic helps pet owners and the community by providing healthier, happier pets while reducing the number of unwanted litters and animals sent to the county Animal Services.

Because of, and thanks to, support from the community, SNiP-It is able to offer services for cats for as low as $45, dogs for as low as $75 and location microchipping for around $15, and vaccinations are also available.

SNiP-It is in need of materials it uses on a daily basis for procedures and to run as a low-cost clinic: bleach, high-efficiency (“HE-rated”) liquid laundry detergent, distilled water, Scotch-brand masking tape, and copy paper.

Aside from that, the clinic is always looking for monetary donations and volunteer opportunities. SNip-It is open Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and will re-open on Thursday after the holiday break. For more information go to letssnipit.org or call 407-476-4748.