SeaWorld Orlando continues to make bold moves in order to attract new visitors to its park by announcing its plans to build a new Sesame Street kids land by the fall of 2022.

SeaWorld Orlando’s new land was announced Thursday that it would be extending its long-running partnership with Sesame Workshop and will also build an additional Sesame Place theme park at another location in the United States.

The two companies have a partnership that goes back 37 years and includes a Sesame Place theme park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and a Sesame Street land at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

SeaWorld Orlando has not begun the process of designing its upcoming Sesame Place land, nor the features that the public will enjoy, but most likely it will include rides and plenty of Sesame Street characters.

It’s easy to see that SeaWorld is shifting attention from the departure of its theatrical shows with killer whales, and pivoting more toward a “Busch Gardens” approach with many more rides and a large variety of themed food for its visitors. Last year its newest roller coaster Mako opened, and in June it will flip the switch on a virtual reality add-on to Kraken, one of its original roller coasters. In the summer of 2018 SeaWorld will also be introducing a new whitewater raft ride.

It’s easy to see that SeaWorld is no longer waiting for the crowds to drift back to its park, its making moves to pull them back in with shifts in direction like Sesame Place. Hopefully they don’t lose too much of the “Sea” in SeaWorld.