We’ve waited nine years for a manned space flight from American soil.

We can wait another three days for American astronauts to go to space on an American rocket.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule remains on Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launchpad 39A. The Wednesday launch scrubbed, the capsule is now scheduled to head to the International Space Station on Saturday at 3:22 p.m.

The launch was called off with at the T-minus 16 minute mark because of the threat of nearby lightning.

It will be the first time since July 8, 2011, when the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off for the final time, that the Space Coast saw a live manned launch. Astronauts Doug Hurley, who was on that Atlantis flight, and Bob Behnken will go to the ISS for somewhere between three and 16 weeks; like a launch, a lot of factors will play into their return.

Elon Musk, the bucks behind the SpaceX operation, had been a pensive observer all day long.

“Tons of things can go wrong. One thing can go right,” he said earlier in the day.