In a time when “virtual” events are more the “norm” than ever, St. Cloud 911 Dispatcher Gina-Marie Prado just raised the bar on virtual.

In mid July a 911 call came into St. Cloud from a man looking for help for his 28-year-old wife, who he said was going into labor. Gina calmly guided the caller over the phone through the assisting of his wife’s delivery of a healthy new baby and ensured that the newborn was monitored, safe, and ready for emergency fire personnel who quickly arrived on the scene.

After a successful delivery of the baby, mother and child were both transported to the hospital, and are in great health. St. Cloud Police Department’s Chief Pete Gauntlett recognized Gina for her professionalism and leadership and for actively assisting in the successful delivery of the “bouncing new baby.”

Positively would like to join Chief Pete Gauntlett and the entire St. Cloud Police Department team in thanking and congratulating 911 Dispatcher Gina-Marie Prado for making a Positive Difference in Osceola County.