The City of St. Cloud continues to work with its downtown businesses in establishing a downtown entertainment district that would allow for outside alcohol consumption and more opportunities for outside entertainment venues.

The Outdoor alcohol consumption is subject to the following regulations:

  • From Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 12am;
  • Dispensed by a registered alcoholic beverage establishment (Registered with City of St. Cloud and the State of Florida);
  • No more than 1 drink per valid ID;
  • On a clear 16 fl. oz. plastic cup containing the approved Entertainment District Logo
St. Cloud Entertainment

The last public meeting took place on September 29th at St. Cloud’s City Hall and was attended by numerous downtown establishments that would be affected by outside pedestrian-based alcohol consumption ordinance. All of the establishments that attended the meeting voiced their support for the outside alcohol consumption ordinance, but expressed concerns over potential cost increases they would experience because of the need for additional staffing and other supply needs.

The ordinance amendment is scheduled to have its last public hearing meeting on December 9, 2021.