Paramedic Jaycius Golding has been named the City of St. Cloud’s Employee of the Year for 2023. This recognition followed his earlier accolade as Employee of the Month, which celebrated his exceptional service to the city, dedication to the community,  and selfless care for others.

The award highlighted a moment when Golding offered his shoes to a mother needing to accompany her child on an emergency helicopter flight to the hospital, overcoming a policy that barred her entry due to inappropriate footwear. This compassionate gesture allowed the mother to stay by her child’s side, showcasing Golding’s profound empathy and commitment to the community.

Selected from the ranks of monthly honorees, Golding’s Employee of the Year award was presented at Thursday’s St. Cloud Council Meeting. Mayor Nathan Blackwell and Fire Marshal Richard Tonks commended Golding for his exemplary service, reinforcing the values of kindness and community support.

Golding’s story is a testament to the impact of selfless acts within public service, setting a high standard for dedication and compassion in St. Cloud.