St. Cloud Regional Medical Center has expanded imaging capabilities by adding a second Computed Tomography machine to the facility, a 128-slice Computed Tomography machine. The 128-Slice Computed Tomography (CT scanner) provides patients faster, safer and more accurate diagnosis.

A CT scan is commonly used by physicians to help see inside a patients’ body and to diagnose medical conditions utilizing computers and x-ray equipment to create images. By adding a 128-slice machine, St. Cloud Regional Medical Center is utilizing the latest advances in CT imaging technology to provide increased speed and more detailed information which will provide better diagnostic care and improved patient safety outcomes.

St Cloud Regional Medical Center is an accredited Computed Tomography facility by the American College of Radiology. This means St. Cloud Regional Medical Center meets all requirements for equipment, medical personnel and quality assurances as surveyed by The American College of Radiology. Adding the 128-Slice CT scanner will assure patients the hospital is providing the highest level of image quality, the safest way possible.

“This addition to our Imaging Department will help support our mission of providing safe, personalized and accessible healthcare to St. Cloud and the surrounding communities,” said Brent Burish, CEO of St. Cloud Regional Medical Center.

The CT Scanner will be housed inside the facility’s newly expanded and renovated Emergency Department, which opened for operations in September of 2018. The ER expansion project added more than 14,000-square feet to the hospital, increased capacity to 20 private exam rooms and enhanced privacy, comfort, and technology in an emergency department that served more than 26,000 patients last year.

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