The City of St. Cloud is letting its residents know that someone has been  going door-to-door telling them that their drinking water contains e-coli and is unsafe to drink.

St. Cloud residents reported that the individual, or individuals have some type of literature with the city’s logo on it in order to win over the confidence of the resident.

The City of St. Cloud has nothing to do with this and has not given anyone permission to represent the city or  to use its logo.

The city says its drinking water is safe, and meets all federal and state drinking water standards.

“The city has done 70 bacteriological studies this month and had no issues,” said Marjorie Craig, Environmental Utilities Director for the City of St. Cloud. “

City of St. Cloud staff went to the customers’ homes who have been visited and in and abundance of caution, tested their water, confirming that the water meets all state and federal standards.

Residents who are visited or called by anyone claiming the city water is unsafe to drink are asked to save any written material given to them and to call the City of St. Cloud at 407-957-7344.