As the festive season winds down, Florida gears up for yet another exciting shopping event: the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday. This year, the holiday begins on New Year’s Day and extends until Sunday, January 14, 2024. It’s a perfect opportunity for families and students to make significant savings on various essentials.

During January 2024’s Florida Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, a wide range of items will be exempt from sales tax. This includes personal computers and related accessories priced at $1,500 or less, ideal for students and home offices. Additionally, clothing, footwear, and accessories priced at $100 or less per item, along with school supplies at $50 or less per item, are also tax-free. For younger learners, even learning aids and jigsaw puzzles priced at $30 or less are included.

Click here for the official Florida Department of Revenue’s Tax Information Publication.

What makes this tax holiday even more appealing is its applicability to online shopping, allowing you to enjoy these savings from the comfort of your home. This initiative is a great way to ease the financial burden of back-to-school preparations, making essential items more accessible to all.

Get ready to save some cash on school-related items and start the new year on a high note with Florida’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday!