Beginning Monday, October 17, the County’s debris clean up contractor will begin to collect storm-generated debris within unincorporated Osceola County’s flood zones affected by Hurricane Ian.

To determine areas where debris cleanup will be happening, residents can view the map online here. Residents can enter an address to verify their area will receive debris collection.

For successful debris clean up, carefully follow these instructions on sorting materials:

Debris Created by Storm Flooding: Includes materials such carpeting, flooring, furniture, drywall/sheetrock, plumbing, appliances, etc.  (NOTE: This does NOT include tree debris or hazardous materials.) Storm debris should be placed within three feet of the curb, away from fire hydrants, mailboxes, parked vehicles, or any signs or utility equipment.

It is important to separate normal household garbage such as food waste, diapers and regular household trash from storm debris caused by flooding. Separating normal household waste from storm debris will allow WM employees to collect your regular household garbage quickly and more efficiently.

Regular household garbage should continue to be placed in your garbage carts on your regularly scheduled collection days.

Reminder for Yard Waste Collection: Yard waste is collected once per week and includes grass clippings, tree branches, palm fronds, etc. WM will collect up to 10 containers, bags, bundles or individual items such as limbs, provided no individual items exceeds four feet in length, six inches in diameter or weighs more than 50 pounds.  It is recommended residents use a garbage container for yard waste. (They should be no larger than 45 gallons with detachable lids.) Place leaves, pine needles and yard clippings in bags or containers.