The Silver Spurs Riding Club recently honored Danny Hall and Jimmy Chapman as their 2023 Coca-Cola Cowboys, and Lois Hall and Leslie Chapman as their 2023 Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients. These awards recognize the many years of service these faithful men and women have provided to the Spurs organization and to the community.

Each year, the Silver Spurs Board of Directors carefully chooses two men to receive the honor of Coca-Cola Cowboy and two women to receive the Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Coca-Cola Cowboy award started in 1982 and the Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award began in 1992 to honor four Silver Spurs Riding Club members that have dedicated their time and efforts to keep the Silver Spurs Rodeo and Osceola County’s ranching history alive.

Congratulations to these four selfless individuals who will undoubtedly be serving the community once again at the upcoming 12th annual Monster Bulls event on Saturday February 11 at the 150th Silver Spurs Rodeo February 17-19. Save time in line now, and get your tickets at