On Sunday around 4pm, St. Cloud Police reported to OP Johnson Park on Georgia Avenue where 40-50 protesters had gathered. The protesters, had locked arms and moved into the road preventing cars from passing, St. Cloud Police said.

An argument took place between drivers and the protesters causing St. Cloud PD to separate the parties involved in the argument.

One woman sustained a foot injury during the incident, but refused medical treatment and left the area of the protest.

Shortly after, the protesters moved to 13th Street(US192) and Montana Avenue where they began blocking the roadway which included the use of their vehicles as barriers in an attempt to prevent vehicles from passing by.

According to St. Cloud Police, some of the protesters threw smoke bombs into the road which created a dangerous and disorderly situation, causing the Police to begin breaking up the protest.

Two of the protesters were arrested, 23-year-old Warren Cajuste, and 24-year-old Patrick Chery. Both men were transported to jail.

The protesters returned to OP Johnson Park around 8pm and the incident ended.