The Three Kings visited Osceola County on Sunday at Old Town in celebration of the Three Kings Day holiday, hosted by The Osceola Chamber and its Hispanic Business Council, and in the spirit of the holiday, the event was filled with giving and caring!

The Osceola Chamber’s Three Kings Day celebration, which was sponsored by Orlando Health and Experience Kissimmee, and hosted by Old Town, included toy giveaways, bicycle and tablet raffles, business vendors, live entertainment, and awesome refreshments for everyone in attendance.

Sunday’s event, which drew hundreds of families to the streets of Old Town,  was also filled with something we can never have too much of, smiles, laughter, joy, encouragement, and giving. The Osceola Chamber did an outstanding job of reaching out to its membership and the community to create an event to kick off the new year with a spirit of care.

“It’s all about giving back. We have a tagline at the Chamber, that business works better together, and so again business is coming together today to give back to our community,” Chamber President John Newstreet shared from the Three Kings Day Celebration main stage. 

In much of Latin America Three King’s Day, or Día de los Reyes, recognizes the Three Wise Men, or Kings, as they brought their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to baby Jesus. For children in many Latin American cultures, it is the day they most look forward to for holiday gifts and treats.

The mission of The Osceola Chamber is to be champions for business and the Osceola community, and on Sunday, they were spot on with that mission!